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10 Eco-friendly Fashion Picks for Earth Day

Have you seen the #MyBeautifulEarth page on Google+ photos? If you haven’t yet, click on that link and get blown-away by the stunning images of this wonderful world we live in! This Earth Day, take some time to reflect on how you can reduce your impact to the environment; yes, this includes how you choose the clothes you wear too. Not everyone is gifted in creating stylish, eco-friendly garments themselves, but thankfully there are designers and labels out there that choose to craft fashion through eco-friendly means. Take a look below, and you’ll see 10 chic examples of eco-friendly fashion (because a clean, beautiful Earth, and a fashionable population shouldn’t be an “either/or”)! 

1. Organic By John Patrick Ruched Gauzed Blouse

Eco Fashion / Organic By John Patrick Ruched Gauzed Blouse

2. Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Blend Scoop Neck Dress

Eco Fashion / Eileen Fisher Organic Linen Blend Scoop Neck Dress

3. Yvonne S Butterfly Organic Cotton Mini Dress

Eco Fashion / Yvonne S Butterfly Organic Cotton Mini Dress

4. James Perse Recycled Crepe Jersey Dress

Eco Fashion / James Perse Recycled Crepe Jersey Dress

5. Eco Swim Galaxy Dot Bow Halter Swimdress

Eco Fashion / Eco Swim Galaxy Dot Bow Halter Swimdress

6. Pelechecoco Recycled Soft Leather Biker Vest

Eco Fashion / Pelechecoco Recycled Soft Leather Biker Vest

7. RECYCLED Shoulder Bag

Eco Fashion / RECYCLED Shoulder Bag

8. Marni Edition Black & White Eco-Leather Shoulder Bag

Eco Fashion / Marni Edition Black & White Eco-Leather Shoulder Bag

9. Nordstrom Eco Tote

Eco Fashion / Nordstrom Eco Tote

10. Greg Lauren Patchwork Cape

Eco Fashion / Greg Lauren Patchwork Cape

Eco-friendly fashion shouldn’t only be in your mind once a year for Earth Day; your fashion choices and purchasing decisions inevitably affect the environment after all. Find out more about how you can reduce your impact on the environment while still maintaining a sense of style. Check out this helpful guest post by our stylish friend Myriam, Founder of Eco Fashion Week, on the Wantering Blog: 7 Tips on How to be Fashionably Responsible.

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7 Tips on How to be Fashionably Responsible

Love fashion AND want to do all you can for the environment? This Wednesday, our stylish friend Myriam, Founder of Eco Fashion Week, talks about 7 things you can do to be more fashionably responsible. Take it away Myriam!

1. Ask yourself: “Do I really need it?”

Most of our purchases are impulsive. You will often surprise yourself by answering “no” to the question.

2. Be curious and be informed.

Ask the salesperson in store questions, read labels (where is it made? what is it made of?), follow eco fashion-focused blogs like Ecouterre, Eco-salon, or Tree Hugger.

3. Be proud of bringing your re-usable shopping bags, even if it is in a high-end store.

Does your t-shirt need to be wrapped in a paper with a ribbon, in a box, in a fancy bag with even more paper? There is totally a prestige factor to it, but what happens to all of this after? Re-use? Recycle? Garbage? Being “eco” is not only with your actions, but with your attitude as well.

4. Wear your clothes!

There is no wrong in wearing the same pair of pants or sweater twice or even three times in a week. Be creative and style those differently. Take a minute and look at your closet right now. How many things have you only worn once, or never? Once you are done going through your closet, DONATE!

5. Buy quality.

If you really must buy, make sure your clothes have long lifespans. The higher the quality, the longer the life. Basic and classic pieces should always be part of your wardrobe. Look for well-made clothes with high-end fabrics and materials, and timeless patterns. If you shop this way, you will wear your clothes over and over again without getting tired of them.

6. Take the leap and try second hand clothing.

If you buy around 10 clothing items per month, try to get at least 1 out of 10 of them used. You can find stylish used pieces from vintage and thrift stores. Better yet, exchange clothes with other fashionable friends (it’s free!), or have a fashion swap event. Stop being scared of wearing second hand clothing; there is nothing to fear. Start with accessories, like a purse or a belt, and see how you feel; you’ll start to notice how people compliment you for your fashionably responsible finds..  

7. Find your own “Eco Recipe”.

There are many ways of being fashionably responsible, and we do not have the same personal, human and financial resources. Find what fits you and commit to improve every year. Between second hand clothing, local manufacturing, organic or recycled material, fair labor, upcycling… you have many options. It’s simpler than you think, and guess what, it feels amazing to take action and be the change!

This guest post lovingly crafted for you by:
Myriam L.
Founder of Eco Fashion Week

(photos from Giphy 1/2/3/4/5/6/7)

Did you know organic and eco fashion labels live on Wantering? Take for example, Greg Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s nephew that creates stylish fashion pieces with military-motif from vintage materials. Check out his work now!
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5 Cute Cutout Booties Styles for Spring

Cutout booties sound kind of ugly when you describe them out loud. They’re like boots that some designers tried to turn into sandals, but not quite. Pretty hideous sounding, right? But if you have ever basked in the glory that is your ideal cutout bootie, you’ll understand why everybody’s so obsessed with them for spring. They offer the perfect balance between breathability and covering up. 

Here’s the easiest way to convince you of their necessity for spring. Imagine when you’re under your covers, and you’re too hot, but when you kick off the blankets, you’re freezing. It’s a universal thing that people do in which you stick just one leg out, and the temperature is suddenly perfect. That’s what cutout booties in the spring feel like to your feet—like sticking one leg out when it’s too hot under the covers.


Cutout booties with a 1-2 inch heel are super comfy and great for daily wear. Remember to stick to those slip-on socks that just cover up your toes at the front if you’re not wearing tights. If you find yourself needing to wear socks, always stick to nude or black, so nothing clashes or looks funky in a bad way.

Casual Cutout Booties

Left: Charlotte Russe Double Buckle Cutout Ankle Bootie
Right: Jeffrey Campbell Everwell Cutout Booties

Sandal Substitute

If you get a tan pair with enough cut outs, you might actually be able to get away with passing them off as an alternative to the standard tan summer sandals. They’re great to pair with bright colors and offer some protection when it rains.

Sandal Substitute Cutout Booties

Left: Jeffrey Campbell Stinson Cutout Ankle Bootie
Right: Dolce Vita Helsa Cutout Booties


The Balenciaga black cutout boots have been a style blogger and celebrity favorite for the last couple years, but not everyone’s wallets can afford the hefty $1,275 price tag. Here’s an option if you’re looking for a similar style to pair with a grungier outfit.

Grungy Cutout Booties

Left: Black Poppy Lugg Cutout Booties
Right: Topshop Arabel Cutout Boot

Twist on the Combat Boot

Stand apart from the crowd by getting a pair of combat boots with cutouts. They’ll look a bit more spring appropriate as well as more unique.

Combat Cutout Booties

Left: Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell Pixel Cutout Boot
Right: Matiko Samantha Cutout Combat Boot

Night Out

Sky-high heels on cutout booties are flirty and fun to dress up an outfit for a date or just a night out on the town.

Night Out Cutout Booties

Left: Michael Kors Graham Cutout Leather Bootie
Right: Alice+Olivia Gerri Heart Cutout Booties

Need more choices? Head over to Wantering to stock up on your favorite cutout bootie picks for spring!

This fashion post lovingly crafted for you by:
Rosalyn L. 
Fashion Marketing Contributor at Wantering
Currently coveting this fresh ASOS Leather Cap

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Bonjour, Paris. Love, @Wantering.
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Wantering loves BaubleBar
Top 10 Something New, Something Blue Wedding Jewelry Picks from BaubleBar

Find your “somethings” at BaubleBar where you can add the finishing touches to your dream wedding gown. There’s no reason not to stay on budget AND look every inch gorgeous.

We’re obsessed with these 10 necklaces, bracelets and earrings from BaubleBar’s very special bridal collection. You can’t help want to make some of these pieces gifts for your bridesmaids, mom, sister, or best friend.

Click through each item to see zoomed in close-ups and how to wear it!

1) Victory Circle Stud Earrings in Blue

Victory Circle Stud Earrings in Blue

2) Oval Tennis Bracelet

Oval Tennis Bracelet

3) Single Pearl Strand Necklace

Single Pearl Strand Necklace

4) Sunflower Tennis Bracelet in Blue

Sunflower Tennis Bracelet in Blue

5) Powder Hexagonal Drop Earrings in Baby Blue

Power Hexagonal Drop Earrings in Baby Blue

6) Rose Gold Pave Petal Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Pave Petal Stud Earrings

7) Slim Gold Crystal Bangle

Slim Gold Crystal Bangle

8) Sapphire Bouquet Stud Earrings

Sapphire Bouquet Stud Earrings

9) Antique Silver Pendant Necklace

Antique Silver Pendant Necklace

10) Draped Crystal Stands Necklace

Draped Crystal Stands Necklace

So go ahead and swoon, we can’t help it either. To see the complete collection of delicate jewels visit BaubleBar’s The Wedding Shop.

(GIF collage images from Pinterest)